Gifts which last

The Art of Giving

Whether your gift should be big or small, art comes in all shapes and sizes. And giving art is the best art of giving. Take a look at our gift ideas, you’re sure to find something special to enchant your loved ones.

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under CA$ 200
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under CA$ 1,000
under CA$ 2,000
from CA$ 2,000

Our Limited Editions. Hand-signed Gifts

Our Limited Editions are very special gifts. With strictly limited circulation and the artist’s signature, these exclusive works of art will quickly increase in value. A gift with lasting pleasure!

  Astronaut by Jirko Bannas
Jirko Bannas
from CA$ 999 to CA$ 9,190
  Taking-Off, 21:45 by Luc Dratwa
Taking-Off, 21:45
Luc Dratwa
CA$ 2,590
  Serene Garden by Massimo Colonna
Serene Garden
Massimo Colonna
from CA$ 1,199 to CA$ 3,990
  Jardin Majorelle by Simon Watson
Jardin Majorelle
Simon Watson
from CA$ 1,149 to CA$ 2,390
  Silent Morning in the Cypress Swamp by Georg Popp
Silent Morning in the Cypress Swamp
Georg Popp
from CA$ 1,499 to CA$ 2,990
  The Island by Greg Lecoeur
The Island
Greg Lecoeur
from CA$ 1,199 to CA$ 2,690
  Corn starch by Sonja L.
Corn starch
Sonja L.
from CA$ 549 to CA$ 999
  Lazarus LV by Gavin Evans
Lazarus LV
Gavin Evans
from CA$ 2,490 to CA$ 5,690
  Only In Your Heart by Isabelle Menin
Only In Your Heart
Isabelle Menin
from CA$ 1,399 to CA$ 10,790
  St. Pete Beach II by Dean West
St. Pete Beach II
Dean West
from CA$ 1,199 to CA$ 3,990
  Saint Tropez Boats by Tommy Clarke
Saint Tropez Boats
Tommy Clarke
  SALT WORKS I by Tom Hegen
Tom Hegen
from CA$ 1,149 to CA$ 2,990

Unforgettable moments in black-and-white. Our classics.

For timeless elegance see our classics. These photos capture stars from Elvis, to Muhammed Ali, to Jack Nicholson, in unforgettable moments, full of life and charisma.

Small works for big eyes

The most popular LUMAS motifs are available in small formats. Our Minis make for the perfect gift, especially for those that want to start their own personal art collection. Particularly popular is our stylish Selection Bag, which features three motifs by one artist.

Our Art Items. Art meets Design

Our Art Items are always special gifts. They merge modern design with contemporary art for the perfect combination of taste and style.

Our Art Objects. From the Art World’s Greatest

Our Art Objects are guaranteed to widen eyes and drop jaws. You are sure to exceed all expectations with these extraordinary and spectacular sculptures from the likes of Jeff Koons, Rainer Lagemann, and many more.

Art en Bloc

Our high quality Acrylic Objects showcase their motifs in unseen depths, with volumes that take their works to a new dimension. Whether displayed freestanding or hanging on the wall, they never cease to fascinate.

Art for Him

Breathtaking landscapes, inspiring athletes, calming animals – with our diverse and exclusive gift ideas you’re sure to find something just right for him. Just like that men and art come together.

Art for Her

The perfect gift for her? Outstanding and beautiful art. A giant diamond lenticular. Hyperrealistic floral arrangements. Exotic beauties. With our gift ideas for her you’ll give pleasure and surprise.

Our Art Nows. Big Things Come in Small Packages

Give a gift with a personal touch. Our Art Nows come in lovely, practical formats and, most importantly, a personal dedication to make your gift exclusive and intimate.


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