Wildlife and Animal Photography

Embrace Your Wild Side with Our Exclusive Animal Art

Images of animals have figured into human expression since the dawn of time. From Palaeolithic cave paintings to the stunning, high definition wildlife photography of today, animals remain a captivating subject for photographers everywhere. Thanks to our global network of artists, galleries and buyers, we're able to bring you framed animal wall art from around the world. Think spectacular locations, extreme environments, and unbelievable moments seen from close up: that's what the animal wall art from LUMAS is all about.

Go on a Visual Safari with Animal Art

Over 30,000 years old, the first pictures of wild animals were painted on the walls of ancient caves. Lion, tiger, giraffe, zebra, leopard - many animals are represented in these images. It is thought that early man combined firelight and layered renderings to create a sense of movement. Nowadays we capture wild animals through a lens. Challenging and dangerous, taking photos of animals requires hours, often days in pursuit of a single subject. From cute puppies and exotic lions to sleek cheetahs and swimming elephants, LUMAS brings animals into your home in the form of limited edition wall art. Visit us at our expertly curated online gallery, or come see us in person at one of our many locations in cities around the world.

Get up close and personal as you discover a new visual perspective at LUMAS. We source the talented newcomers and rising stars who are changing the game with pictures of animals as they've never been seen. Camouflage, drones, and remote devices are just some of the advanced methods used to capture these stunning images. Whether it's the lightning reflexes required to shoot some of nature's fastest species or the panoramic scenes used to showcase the extreme environments the animals live in, the photographers LUMAS works with are always innovative, talented, and committed to pushing the boundaries of this incredible field. Whether you are looking for an amazing lion, a wild cheetah, a baby elephant, a contemplative monkey, or cute woodland creatures rendered school portrait style, our artists have new and exciting images of these animal stars to hang on your walls!

Animal Wall Art: Wild Beasts Up Close and Personal

When photographed in their natural surroundings, images of animals are powerful and evocative. At LUMAS, we believe the art you buy should make a personal statement. We want to share the excitement that comes with owning premium quality pictures with lasting value. That's why, instead of selling desktop wallpapers to download or printable images of cute baby animals, we're dedicated to providing affordable, limited edition animal art prints. Created by established artists and emerging stars, all of our limited edition works are hand-signed and come with a certificate of authenticity. The animal art from LUMAS is ready to fill the empty spot on your wall!

Animal Art in all Colors of the Rainbow

In addition to photography, our artists utilize every medium under the sun: watercolor, painting on canvas, illustration, collage, digital art, and more. We then make these into exclusive limited editions and open edition prints. See animals in a whole new light with the best wall decor and art objects. The variety of techniques means you can find the perfect prints for any room: a cute baby elephant for the nursery, a majestic lion in the living room - turn your decor into a veritable safari of animal prints!

Your Gallery for Cute Animal Photos: From Lion Wall Art to Baby Seal Fridge Magnets

At LUMAS we're committed to quality. We pair traditional photochemical processes with the latest technologies. Our fine art and giclee prints are also top of the line. In fact, of our animal prints are made using state-of-the art techniques and the best materials. We use the same methods as the top photo artists and museums around the world. This ensures that your animal pictures show every feather, claw, hair and tooth in their original, untamed brilliance. You never have to compromise on quality when you purchase animal artworks from LUMAS.

Many people decorate a room with printable images or cheap giclee prints they download online. At LUMAS, we know that art is forever. Our framed and mounted prints will let you see every hair in the lion's mane, every scratch in the elephant's tusk, every stripe on the zebra's flank.

From Living Room to Nursery: Animal Art for The Walls of Every Room

We value presentation. At LUMAS, we collaborate with craftsmen to create the perfect finished product. With the help of the artists and our printing partner, we select the frame and mounting that compliments your animal image. High-quality printing and individualization means you can get even more enjoyment from your wall art, whether it’s for your kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, bedroom, guest room, or even your nursery! It's our unique quality concept, and it's what makes us different. You can be sure that your new photo starts your collection off on the right foot, or complements the pictures you already own.

Finally, each frame is made to measure and available in a variety of materials and finishes. No matter what color your walls are, what style your decor is, or what pattern is on your wallpaper, you can find art to match. Our partnership with WhiteWall means that when you buy animal images from LUMAS, they're guaranteed to be top quality to the finest detail, ideal for displaying your limited edition print. For a contemporary look, we also offer professionally mounted animal images. Using aluminium Dibond and either a UV-protective laminate or acrylic glass, mounted animal pictures make a statement and showcase animals the way they were meant to be seen.

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