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Isabelle Van Zeijl

Eternal Flowering: In the tradition of the style of the renaissance the Golden Age, the Dutch artist Isabelle Van Zeijl creates luxuriant self-portraits with fine details and powerful symbolism.

Steve Glashier

Artistic intelligence: As an experienced photographer and filmmaker, Steve Glashier is an expert when it comes to imagery and storytelling. His AI generated works are created to go beyond reality and expand our imagination.

Mallory Morrison

Strength and lightness: In Mallory Morrison’s breathtaking underwater photography, the passions of the former ballet dancer flow together. Her stunning process is shaped by her sense of beauty, her eye for dance and elegance and results in mesmerizing images of pure grace.

Slender O‘Kenoshi

Out of this world: In his original AI-generated works, the artistic figure Slender O’Kenoshi creates the parallel universe within a parallel universe. A holistic creative concept that brightens up the dark side of a world-famous saga.

Charis Tsevis

Shimmering mosaiks presenting beaming metropolises: Charis Tsevis’ new art works do not only provide a new view of New York but hundreds of them. Countless small shots add up to a total image imbued with as much New York as possible.

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