Massimo Colonna
  • Introduction

Japanese Garden

A harmonious balance between nature and architecture is found in the Japanese Garden series. Massimo Colonna links these two elements in idyllic form. By blending classic elements of Oriental Garden Art with contemporary architecture he continues, yet modernizes, the tradition of Japanese garden art. The artworks invite their viewer to revel in the sceneries’ blissful harmony and to meditate on the finely orchestrated details.

These artworks were inspired by the beloved Japanese Gardens and their beautiful aesthetics and tranquilness that has marveled the world for several centuries. One major example is the Shinsen-dō Temple in Kyōto, which stems from the Edo period. This site inhabits a Zen atmosphere that attracts many visitors from all around the world, every year, and it fascinated Massimo Colonna.

For his work the artist beautifully combines the various trees, waters, and pebbles in an engaging arrangement with one another. The elements come together finely, crisply to form a breathtaking composition that exudes a meditative and inspiring energy. The pavilion surrounding the garden opens itself to the viewer, inviting them to come in, feel at home, and immerse. Colonna beautifully rounds off his composition with the background’s forested mountains. They naturally form a frame around the pavilion which is perfectly harmonized with the inner gardens. His work embodies both tradition and modernity and radiates with timeless beauty and serenity.


Many legends are entwined with the city of Marrakech. As one of the four royal cities of Morocco, it’s a place steeped with history. The artist Massimo Colonna resurrects the city’s histories and its royal ambience within his work, which captures the oriental magic of the city and the compositions of its exceptional architecture and exotic birdlife. The result is a dreamy stimulant that guides the imagination to the mystics of the Orient. Colonna presents the city in his own distinctive style using virtual architectural forms that aren’t determined by statics, but by the laws of aesthetics. The noble structures and gardens are given an elegant flair when combined with the beautiful birds. The harmony of their colors and shapes create a unique visual delight.

Marrakech was founded in the 11th century and became the capital of the Almoravid Empire. Its Koutoubia Mosque is one of the most sacred architectural landmarks in the region and is considered one of Morocco's most beloved attractions. The old city’s distinguishing architecture is so special that it was declared a world heritage site, and it enchants countless visitors every year. The fantasy and histories of the city inspired Massimo Colonna. The magic of the city compelled him from the very first moment and ultimately led him to dedicate his work to its beautiful oriental elegance.

Photography remains the basis of Massimo Colonna's artistic work, but it also entails an elaborate digital process. With the use of digital technology Colonna can visualize his architectural concepts. 3D rendering is especially important in this process. It enables him to explore countless possibilities and construct new buildings that will fascinate his audience with their harmony and beauty. The soft pastel colors that Colonna incorporates lend his creations a dreaminess, that could even be described as abstract. Massimo Colonna was born in Scandiano, in northern Italy. He discovered his passion for photography at an early age, and it has remained with him ever since. Colonna is an internationally sought after artist with renowned clientele.
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