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We have a shared goal of making limited edition art more accessible than ever. Discover our hand-signed, high-quality artworks online and in 19 galleries worldwide. We’re always on the lookout for people to join us in our mission – if you share our love of art, get in touch today.



At LUMAS our primary mission is to ensure that art is accessible to art enthusiasts around the globe. As a worldwide retailer, boasting 19 galleries, we lead the way in omnichannel art retailing. We empower our team members by granting them the autonomy to spearhead impactful projects that will define the future landscape of art retail.

We invite you to share your aspirations with us so we can collaborate on advancing your career. We're seeking imaginative, broad-minded individuals who are poised to infuse our team with fresh ideas and skills. Join us in reshaping the crossroads of art and retail, making art an integral part of our daily lives.


LUMAS Headquarters, nestled in Charlottenburg, Berlin, promises a one-of-a-kind work experience characterized by transparent decision-making, prompt feedback, and an atmosphere of innovation. Our exquisite top floor office space – adorned with stunning artworks – offers the best Berlin city view that complements your creative thinking.

Become part of a diverse, inclusive, and open-minded community of over 40 art passionate colleagues. Engage in team activities that foster connections and shared growth. Contribute across various departments, embracing independence to lead meaningful projects.

Immerse yourself in art every day and be amazed – by captivating collections up to appealing employee discounts. Beyond being a mere workplace, LUMAS Headquarters serves as a canvas for your professional journey, eagerly awaiting your unique contributions.




Step into a LUMAS Gallery and explore more than a retail space. Surround yourself with exclusive contemporary art and luxury lifestyle products. Connect with motivated colleagues who share your passion, creating a dynamic, international work environment. Working here means more than just clocking into a job; it's a chance to play an active role in the evolving art, design, and lifestyle sector.

Experience the value of quick feedback, transparency, and creative freedom. Your ideas shape projects and initiatives, making an impact within an atmosphere that thrives on innovation.

LUMAS Gallery offers a unique path to contribute, learn, and grow, where art and commerce converge.


  • 19 galleries worldwide
  • Shipping to 129 countries
  • Nearly 20 years of experience
  • We employ over 150 passionate art lovers
  • A global community of 300,000+ art collectors
  • Collaboration with 250 artists and counting
  • Over 3,000 amazing art works available
  • …and 6 adorable office dogs

With 19 galleries around the world and an HQ in Berlin, we offer many opportunities for you to find the perfect working location.


Pär Ålander
Creative director

From day one at Lumas I felt a strong sense of team spirit. I met people who were passionate about art, what they do, and who all shared a positive “we-can-do-it” attitude. As a queer individual myself, knowing there is inclusion and diversity in the LUMAS workplace was essential. And yes – I came out already in the cover letter when I applied for the job!

I really feel that Lumas is a company that embraces change and continuously seeks improvement – a workplace that celebrates its wins and the people achieving them. I’m from Sweden and have only lived in Germany for three and a half years. Lumas is my first employer here in my new home country, has done a lot for both my personal and professional development, by learning from and sharing different cultural perspectives, experiences, and ideas.

Athanasios Tsitsakos
Frontend developer

LUMAS stands out as an employer for me due to its unique environment that fosters creativity. As a frontend developer, I am constantly inspired by the great artists we work with, and it brings me joy to contribute to making their work shine through my development skills. The corporate culture here at LUMAS is one that values creativity, innovation, and collaboration. There is a strong emphasis on artistic expression and pushing boundaries, which creates an exciting and dynamic work environment where ideas are encouraged and celebrated.

Since I work here, I have been able to further develop my skills by working on projects that challenge me to think outside the box and push the limits of what is possible. I have also had the opportunity to collaborate with talented team members, which has enriched my professional growth and expanded my creative perspective.



Magdalena Steiner
Gallery Manager

I started as a Sales Consultant and over time I got the chance to become Gallery Manager. Through LUMAS, I was able to enhance my leadership, visual merchandising, and commercial skills. The entrepreneurship mentality within the company is inspiring and motivating.

I appreciate that LUMAS acts internationally but still has a flat hierarchy that makes it easy to collaborate and connect quickly within the company. An important aspect of the LUMAS corporate culture is togetherness to reach the set goals. LUMAS is always striving to renew and improve the internal processes to care for us employees and to exceed the customer expectations.

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