A guide to LUMAS formats

For an exhibition-grade viewing experience: at widths of up to 18 feet, our stunning museum-format works are guaranteed to impress.

Display great works of art in your own home with LUMAS large-format artworks. These works can be up to 80 inches long, giving them the power to transform any room into a place of inspiration.

Wide-angles scenes with a powerful effect on the viewer: our collection of panoramic artworks features engrossing landscapes and unique artistic concepts.

A favorite shape for portrait photography, this versatile orientation suits almost any room or artwork. Discover the broad spectrum of contemporary art available in portrait format.

A classic painting orientation, landscape formats are also ideal for displaying floral art, collages and movie scenes.

These perfectly symmetrical artworks radiate peace and calm, allowing you to experience art in perfect harmony.

Discover the harmonious symmetry and natural curves of our circular artworks, a beloved format of renaissance artists like Sandro Botticelli.

In our collection of cut outs, the image itself dictates the shape of the work. They transcend traditional framing concepts, resulting in totally unique pieces of modern art.

Great art in a small package: LUMAS Classics and Minis are the perfect gift for art lovers - or an ideal starting point for a personal art collection.


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