Selection of Acrylic-Mounted Artworks:

Long-lasting Art: The Benefits of Acrylic Glass

  • Our products are produced in line with the highest standards of care and precision. The acrylic glass mounting ensure that you receive a long-lasting and well-protected artwork.
  • All LUMAS mountings are made with fluid silicon. Once hardened, this material becomes practically unbreakable, resisting scratches, warping and changes in temperature.
  • Acrylic glass protects your art from dust, grime and physical damage.
  • Unlike canvas-printed wall art, LUMAS acrylic glass enhances rather than dulls the image underneath, allowing the full color and detail of your artwork to shine through.

The acrylic glass effect

  • Acrylic glass create a stunning 3D effect, where the underlying artwork attains an enhanced sense of depth as light and color refract through the glass.
  • We use this protective layer of acrylic glass in all our formats, from Minis to XXL works.
  • Acrylic glass protects art from the effects of UV rays. For an optimal lifespan, though, we still recommend you avoid hanging your artworks in areas of direct sunlight.
  • Acrylic mounting is a modern alternative to traditional mounting techniques. It allows the color and detail of the original artwork to appear exactly as the artist intended.

Producing Acrylic Artworks

LUMAS production methods are state-of-the-art. All works are exclusively printed by our longtime partners at the award-winning WhiteWall photo lab. The images are printed directly onto Aluminum Dibond, before being covered with a one-millimeter layer of silicone acrylic glass. The acrylic artwork is then sent in specialized art packaging, designed to protect your work during delivery. All works feature pre-installed hanging brackets, meaning they arrive ready to hang. For ideas and tips for displaying your art collection, check out our inspirations page.

Quality Quality

Cleaning Tips

Not sure how to clean your art collection? Follow these tips:

To ensure your art stays in optimal condition, avoid using scourers or other abrasive cleaning products which may damage the surface. When needed, gently wipe down your work with a fast-drying microfiber cloth to remove dirt, dust, grime, and fingerprints. Positive airflow: to avoid dust accumulating, hang or lean your art in an open, well-ventilated area.

Quick Facts:

  • Acrylic glass protects high-quality photo prints from damage and dirt.
  • The use of fluid silicon guarantees that there is no breathing room between the print and the glass: no air bubbles or gaps will appear.
  • The pre-installed hanging brackets on our works facilitate quick and easy picture hanging.
  • We recommend using microfiber towels when cleaning your works. Simply wipe the surface with a dry cloth. Avoid using glass cleaner or any other liquid.

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