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5 inspiring #mylumas rooms

As well as improving the look of any room, a well-thought-out combination of art and interior design and can boost your mood and add some color to your day. See how home interiors influencers decorate their spaces below, and find inspiration for your own home.

Meditative Elegance

The simple purity of the shapes and colors in this arrangement creates a meditative ambience. This provides the stunning artworks space to really stand out.

  Sensual Fragility by Svetlana Melik - Nubarova
Sensual Fragility
Svetlana Melik - Nubarova
from CA$ 1,249 to CA$ 2,149
  Rajaareca by Rive Roshan
Rive Roshan
from CA$ 1,409 to CA$ 2,579
  Cactus No. 91 by Kwangho Lee
Cactus No. 91
Kwangho Lee
from CA$ 1,169 to CA$ 1,899
  Contemplation by Edward B. Gordon
Edward B. Gordon
CA$ 1,509

The power of color

This arrangement features bright colors and outstanding art. Be inspired by the dual effect of vibrant art and bold color accents. This style turns any room into a vivid artistic statement.

  Bowie by Richard Brandao
Richard Brandao
from CA$ 1,769 to CA$ 2,379
  Pulse Mono by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Mono
Beatrice Hug
CA$ 4,289
  Stormy Soul by Yeliza
Stormy Soul
from CA$ 1,039 to CA$ 1,579
  Blue Portrait by Gazi Sansoy
Blue Portrait
Gazi Sansoy
from CA$ 1,209 to CA$ 2,799

The new Retro

Futuristic designs never go out of style – and neither do retro aesthetics or our timeless classic artworks. The décor here references elements of the Mid-Century design style that shaped life in the 50s and 60s, harmonizing beautifully with classic black-and-white artworks and iconic architectural photographs.

  Helena Christensen by Andrew Woffinden
Helena Christensen
Andrew Woffinden
from CA$ 1,209 to CA$ 2,289
  O.T. (Caracas I) by Stephanie Kloss
O.T. (Caracas I)
Stephanie Kloss
from CA$ 759 to CA$ 2,069
  Jack Nicholson by Classic Collection I
Jack Nicholson
Classic Collection I
from CA$ 159 to CA$ 309
  Enlightment by Andrew Bordwin
Andrew Bordwin
from CA$ 1,379 to CA$ 2,369

California Dreaming

This aesthetic invites you to experience the blissful California way of life, steeped in sunshine and elegance. When set against the clean lines and striking architectural elements of the room, our artworks create a dreamy ambience. This interior design style adds some feel-good factor to your home.


Open spaces in the home

The peaceful modern farmhouse aesthetic works especially well in combination with wide, expansive landscape art. The light colors here recall dreamy clouds that whisk the viewer away to far-off lands.


The Power of Nature

Experience the power of nature in your home. Carefully arranged plants and a soft color palette perfectly complement nature-themed art. Together, they create a sense of inner peace and power, reflecting the harmony of our natural world.

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