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Digital bohemianism: New York + London
Daniella Zalcman’s photographs capture the spirit of an entire generation. The artist overlays images of New York and London, her two homes. The city streets of the British capital dissolve into the New York skyline; the sparkling lights of Times Square merge into those of Trafalgar Square, the beating heart of the UK’s iconic city.
The works are symbolic of Zalcman’s love for both cities and her personal understanding of home. She has named the series “New York + London”, using the typography to precisely express that her photographs are modern love letters. The artist herself is the epitome of the digital Bohemian, not only in her subject matter, but also in her means of production: Zalcman captures the images with her iPhone and even edits them using smartphone apps. The complex double exposures appear all the more artistic when an anthology of the “home” emerges from concrete urban scenes.
As the artist herself explains, “’New York + London’ explores place, memory, and identity through architecture and nostalgia. My hope is that in the noise and silence, everyone will find something that feels like home.”
Daniella Zalcman reveals new perspectives on two of the most photographed metropolises in the world. Her works have already been displayed in countless New York galleries and can also be found in the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.


1986Born in Alexandria, Virginia, USA
2009Columbia University, New York, USA
Lives and works in London and New York


2014WPGA Summer Award, Cityscapes, Category Award
Selected for American Photography 30
Accepted to Holland International Image Circuit
2013Northern Short Course Competition, Conceptual, 2nd Place
2012New York Press Photographer's Association, Instagram, Exhibit Award
New York Press Photographer's Association, Face of New York, Exhibit Award
2011New York Press Photographer's Association, Sports Picture Story, Exhibit Award
2009Selected for Eddie Adams Workshop XXII


Permanent Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas, USA


2014Inspired Impressions, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium
Women's Works, The Old Court House, Woodstock, Illinois USA
International Biennial of Photography, Heritage Museum of Malaga, Malaga, Spain
2013NYPPA Annual, SB D Gallery, New York, USA
2012Man Up Campaign, 25 CPW Gallery, New York, USA