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Madrid-born French photographer Alex Strohl is a true globetrotter. Together with his life partner, he travels from his adopted home in the USA to the farthest corners of the earth. His artistic approach artfully blurs the boundaries between traditional landscape photography and staged photography, producing breathtaking images reminiscent of adventurous films and tales.

The relationship between man and nature is a recurring theme in art. In these images, the framing of individuals amidst vast, untouched landscapes creates associations with the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich. Strohl’s work does not use landscapes to explore the human soul, however, but to arouse a longing for adventure and bring the raw power of the wild into our everyday lives.

Strohl has a special connection to water, an omnipresent element in his work. Whether his photographs are set in the Norwegian fjords, the plains of Patagonia, or the French Alps, water is central to his depiction of the world. The composition of his images achieves a seamless link between heaven and earth. The viewer’s gaze, like that of the people in the photos, gets lost in the endless horizon. We become overwhelmed by the environment.

Strohl’s pictures have already featured in some of the world’s most prominent magazines, including Vanity Fair and Forbes. His book Alternative Living documents the lives of people who, like himself at times, have built lives in harmony with nature and detached from civilisation.

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Born in 1989, Alex Strohl is a French photographer who travels the world for his projects. His work has already brought him to Canada, Patagonia, the far corners of the Alps, and north of the Arctic Circle. While his clients include household names like Canon and Land Rover, he also works on his own documentary publications.