Discover our curators' hidden treasures

In the fast-moving world of contemporary art, it can be hard to keep abreast of every promising new artist and exhibition. To help with this, our experts have curated an all-new collection of LUMAS “hidden treasures” – outstanding artworks from notable artists that may have escaped your notice until now. Rest assured that these works deserve your full attention.

  St. Pete Beach II by Dean West
St. Pete Beach II
Dean West
from CA$ 1,499  to CA$ 4,969

Christopher Pillitz


  The Scenic Route, 2020 by Natasha Chomko
The Scenic Route, 2020
Natasha Chomko
CA$ 999
  Surreal Perfection by Tim Mckenna
Surreal Perfection
Tim Mckenna
CA$ 1,919
  WHAM! by Joe Mcdermott
Joe Mcdermott
CA$ 1,909
  Lucent by Roman Johnston
Roman Johnston
from CA$ 1,629  to CA$ 3,239
  Saturated Spaces, 2020 by Natasha Chomko
Saturated Spaces, 2020
Natasha Chomko
CA$ 999
  The Island by Greg Lecoeur
The Island
Greg Lecoeur
from CA$ 1,499  to CA$ 3,389
  Jungle by Sanda Anderlon
Sanda Anderlon
CA$ 5,789
  Alfred Hitchcock by Robert Lebeck
Alfred Hitchcock
Robert Lebeck
CA$ 1,499
  Borani by Alexander Von Reiswitz
Alexander Von Reiswitz
CA$ 3,779
  Pulse Sand by Beatrice Hug
Pulse Sand
Beatrice Hug
CA$ 4,089
  Radha doing her nails by Stefanie Schneider
Radha doing her nails
Stefanie Schneider
CA$ 6,959
  Crosby Beach by Josh Von Staudach
Crosby Beach
Josh Von Staudach
CA$ 1,339
  Polar Bear Exercise by Joe Bunni
Polar Bear Exercise
Joe Bunni
CA$ 1,409
  The Wave, Cantabria  by Ciuco Gutiérrez
The Wave, Cantabria
Ciuco Gutiérrez
from CA$ 1,819  to CA$ 3,479
  Temporal Perception #94 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #94
Serge Hamad
from CA$ 2,249  to CA$ 3,979
  Coming Home, Timeless Machine by Irene Kung
Coming Home, Timeless Machine
Irene Kung
from CA$ 1,599  to CA$ 3,359
  Rose Iceberg by Bruce Boyd
Rose Iceberg
Bruce Boyd
from CA$ 1,499  to CA$ 3,979
  Hidden City 1 by Navid Baraty
Hidden City 1
Navid Baraty
from CA$ 1,499  to CA$ 4,029
  Sophia's Pasta Diet by Dan Bannino
Sophia's Pasta Diet
Dan Bannino
from CA$ 1,399  to CA$ 2,859
  POESIE by Liliroze
from CA$ 589  to CA$ 3,539
  Astronaut by Jirko Bannas
Jirko Bannas
from CA$ 1,199  to CA$ 9,899
  Manhattan Bridge by Gabriele Croppi
Manhattan Bridge
Gabriele Croppi
from CA$ 2,239  to CA$ 6,789
  Jama Triptych by Rachel Witzman
Jama Triptych
Rachel Witzman
CA$ 1,949
  Thanks Theatrering the Theatre is Theatrering by Cless
Thanks Theatrering the Theatre is Theatrering
from CA$ 829  to CA$ 1,999
  High Profile by Gaetan Caputo
High Profile
Gaetan Caputo
from CA$ 1,069  to CA$ 3,369
  Palouse by Benjamin Everett
Benjamin Everett
from CA$ 649  to CA$ 2,139
  Cactus Abstraction 04 by Ed Freeman
Cactus Abstraction 04
Ed Freeman
from CA$ 1,439  to CA$ 2,439
  Diver by Lukas Dvorak
Lukas Dvorak
from CA$ 849  to CA$ 2,589
  Solstice Canyon, 2021 by Natasha Chomko
Solstice Canyon, 2021
Natasha Chomko
CA$ 999
  Tears, 1930 by Man Ray
Tears, 1930
Man Ray
CA$ 809
  Dahlia Grid White by Heiko Hellwig
Dahlia Grid White
Heiko Hellwig
CA$ 1,769
  Pina Bausch: Frühlingsopfer  by Ursula Kaufmann
Pina Bausch: Frühlingsopfer
Ursula Kaufmann
from CA$ 1,689  to CA$ 3,679
  Space by Beatrice Hug
Beatrice Hug
CA$ 3,359
  Yellow Dance, New York 2008 by Maurizio Galimberti
Yellow Dance, New York 2008
Maurizio Galimberti
from CA$ 999  to CA$ 3,239
  After Hours by Stephen Haley
After Hours
Stephen Haley
from CA$ 1,119  to CA$ 6,789
  Kleid aus Licht, #109_12 by Heinrich Heidersberger
Kleid aus Licht, #109_12
Heinrich Heidersberger
CA$ 1,599
  Los Angeles in January, 2:01pm by Ralph Hasenohr
Los Angeles in January, 2:01pm
Ralph Hasenohr
from CA$ 609  to CA$ 2,979
  The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 4 by Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
The Modern Paradise - Miami Beach 4
Mijoo Kim & Minjin Kang
from CA$ 589  to CA$ 1,249
  Adria III by Bernhard Lang
Adria III
Bernhard Lang
from CA$ 2,519  to CA$ 4,149
  LA Dreams by Tim Marrs
LA Dreams
Tim Marrs
from CA$ 1,719  to CA$ 3,509
  Menina Naranja by Alfredo Palmero
Menina Naranja
Alfredo Palmero
from CA$ 999  to CA$ 2,249
  Orang Utan by Mikhail Kirakosyan
Orang Utan
Mikhail Kirakosyan
from CA$ 1,499  to CA$ 4,329
  K at Gorges du Verdon by Ivo Von Renner
K at Gorges du Verdon
Ivo Von Renner
from CA$ 1,769  to CA$ 3,019


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