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Images from another time?

Lilya Corneli, Armenian artist living in Hamburg/Germany, says about her pictures: “My work always evolves from intuition. I understand my images as the result of an emotion which emerged at the time of their creation, and not as much as expression of precise visual ideas. My images seem raw, in other words: simply emotional. The best way for me to express these emotions is visual expression.”
It is fascinating to see, taking “Selbstportrait in rot (Self-Portrait in Red)” as an example, how Corneli transforms herself with the simplest artistic techniques into a historic time, which is far away from the present, but nevertheless seems familiar due to the contemporary character of her self-conscious expression.


1978 born in Yerevan, Armenia
Education: Master degree in International Economics
since 2002 Photography
lives and works in Hamburg, Germany


2006Fotofusion group exhibition, St.Petersburg, Russia
Fotofusion group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
Imagina group exhibition,Bobbio, Italy
Evora, Lisbon
personal exhibition in Terenin gallery, Prague, Czech Republic
2005Terzoocchio Imagina group exhibition, Tokio, Japan
Imagina group exhibition,Bobbio, Italy
Red Apple of Discord group exhibition, Yerevan , Armenia
2004Hamburg , Germany
Ottawa , Canada