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Jirko Bannas reinterprets the medium of collage and its possibilities. He tears pieces of images, takes them out of their context, and puts them together, creating new surreal realities. The artist and designer’s Space Series reflects upon the weightlessness of outer space and is based upon the astronaut’s movement through it. While it was initially meant to provide scientific insight, he ultimately created a cunning depiction of the laws of physics, where jump ropes and hula hoops are reallocated and used to scale movement through the cosmos.

Astronauts have spoken of experiencing an overcoming joy once reaching zero gravity and entering a weightless state. In Bannas’ depiction, this euphoria is reinterpreted as life’s cheerful movements reaching into other dimensions, into infinity. Once the astronaut sets motion, the ropes and hoops continue to independently revolve around him, a playful indication to weightlessness.The neon-yellow jumping rope and purple hoop, floating in the vastness of space before the heavenly blue earth, provide the image with a touch of Pop Art. A galactic lightness of being. These collages pay homage to the latest achievements in space exploration and historical accomplishments like the moon landing, which just recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. 

The Space Series attracted international appeal from the beginning. The first work was created in collaboration with Aisslinger, a renowned, Berlin-based design studio. “By uniting technology, imagination, and storytelling, Bannas creates intense visual compositions that radiant into their surrounding spaces,” commented Werner Aisslinger. Following this initial success, Bannas decided to expand the theme into a series. In doing so, he could explore the endless possibilities of weightless existence.

Jirko Bannas is an imaginative and visionary allrounder. At a young age he was already producing and completing high profile art and design projects, like his collaboration with the legendary Karl Lagerfeld, where they created an illuminated ceiling design with fine art photography for a 5-star hotel in Singapore. His design label Atoni.art manufactures large format light installations for fine art products, which allow photography and lighting to be exhibited like masterpieces. He is regularly invited to exclusive art and design fairs, like the Maison & Objet in Paris, where his unique designs, like an egg-shaped bathtub and precious objects made of handmade terrazzo, were adored and celebrated. His work has also been displayed at major international art design fairs, such as the Salon de Mobile Milano, and the iconic Colette Concept Store in Paris.  
Jirko Bannas lives in Hamburg and is an internationally acclaimed designer, artist, and master craftsman. His work demonstrates his fine talent for combining art with craft. His creations can be seen in various locations, galleries, and buildings in Hamburg, as well as Paris, New York, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Zurich, Frankfurt, Montreal, Singapore, among others.

"…the artworks by Jirko Bannas tell stories, they’re always much more than aesthetics and compositions” ©Werner Aisslinger, Berlin