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We were invited in to view the home and private collection of two dedicated art collectors in Berlin’s Wannsee area. Read out more about our visit below – and find inspiration for your own art collection.

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Last Prints
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A visit at berlin wannsee

One of the most enjoyable aspects of having an art collection is sharing it with others. That’s certainly the motto of these two art lovers, who have collected a range of LUMAS editions over the last 15 years. We met them at their classical villa in Berlin’s Wannsee neighborhood, where they were eager to open the doors and show us round their collection. We were enthusiastically led through every work in their diverse variety of limited editions. Their personal favorite piece, “Modern House with Pool” by Jens Hausmann, holds a special place in their hearts. Now recognized as a modern classic, copies are still highly sought-after today. While walking through the rooms, we were struck by how the careful interplay of architecture, interior design and outstanding art together imbue the villa with a singular atmosphere – one that reflects the unique attitude of its owners. It’s now clear to us why they were so excited to share their collection – we thank them.

  37°5`14.10‘‘N 8°24’58.22‘‘W by Wolfgang Uhlig
37°5`14.10‘‘N 8°24’58.22‘‘W
Wolfgang Uhlig
from CA$ 1,489 to CA$ 2,669
  Timeless by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from CA$ 739 to CA$ 3,009
  Tondo 2 by Isabelle Menin
Tondo 2
Isabelle Menin
from CA$ 829 to CA$ 5,809
  Old Midtown by Classic Collection Ill
Old Midtown
Classic Collection Ill
from CA$ 159 to CA$ 309
  Columbus Circle, New York by Berenice Abbott
Columbus Circle, New York
Berenice Abbott
from CA$ 469 to CA$ 939
  #1 by Fumito Shibasaki
Fumito Shibasaki
from CA$ 1,289 to CA$ 2,109
  The Thousand Gates by Peter Stewart
The Thousand Gates
Peter Stewart
from CA$ 1,829 to CA$ 4,309
  Untitled by Tom Schierlitz
Tom Schierlitz
from CA$ 849 to CA$ 1,509
  Garden of Life by Ysabel Lemay
Garden of Life
Ysabel Lemay
from CA$ 949 to CA$ 10,419
  Modern house with pool 2 by Jens Hausmann
Modern house with pool 2
Jens Hausmann
from CA$ 1,149 to CA$ 3,429
  Jane Fonda in New York City by Classic Collection I
Jane Fonda in New York City
Classic Collection I
from CA$ 159 to CA$ 309
  Flatiron Building by Classic Collection Ill
Flatiron Building
Classic Collection Ill
from CA$ 159 to CA$ 309


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