Curated Pastel Art for Sale

Explore our curators' selection of contemporary pastel artworks from the LUMAS portfolio. Shop our collection, and discover all the original pastel art offered in our portfolio. Our portfolio contains a wealth of soft pastels reminiscent of watercolor paintings and hand drawings.

Pastel Artworks

Perhaps more than any other color, pastel is strongly identified with what has become the millenial aesthetic. It is the color of a generation that has lived through a time of unprecedented peace in the West, which has nevertheless been punctuated by spectacular events, economic and social crises, and a general unease borne out of the distance between social consensus and social reality. It is the color which returns us to the retro placidity of a not-so-distant past, and which promises a soothing and calm environment for one's interiors.

The use of pastel in art is a massive trend, seen both in poster art and in all manner of fine art. The soft, bright colors characteristic of pastel often induce nostalgia for the simpler art and design of the mid-century and the aloof coolness of Pop Art.

As part of a home decor scheme, pastels brighten any room, and add accents which bespeak vibrancy and light-heartedness.

In his retro pastel portraits, photo artist Emmanuelle Descraques opens up the human face to a variety of associations, all defined by an aspiration to use his models to paint a picture of another era. Mixed media artist Jiwoon Pak uses soft pastel colors in his digital paintings. Reminiscent of watercolor, Pak's artworks are a kind of dreamscape of stories about discovery and frienship.

Abstract Pastel Artworks

Through their mixed media creations, Mijoo Kim and Minjin Kang provide portraits of lifeguard towards in Miami Beach which constitute a fascinating cultural portrait of a place and its retro temporalities. With his cinematic artistry, Gustav Deutsch renders deep and moving interior scenes, using the power of color to tell a story.

 Curated abstract pastel artworks: Reminisce by Erin Cone
Erin Cone
CA$ 1,819
 Curated abstract pastel artworks: Midday in Cordoba by Eva Navarro
Midday in Cordoba
Eva Navarro
from CA$ 1,009 to CA$ 2,329
 Curated abstract pastel artworks: Room in NY by Gustav Deutsch
Room in NY
Gustav Deutsch
from CA$ 829 to CA$ 1,609
 Curated abstract pastel artworks: Red Gate by Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
Red Gate
Andrey Yakovlev & Lili Aleeva
from CA$ 669 to CA$ 1,809
 Curated abstract pastel artworks: Temporal Perception #55 by Serge Hamad
Temporal Perception #55
Serge Hamad
from CA$ 1,809 to CA$ 3,209
 Curated abstract pastel artworks: Beach Scene IV by Patrick Tschudi
Beach Scene IV
Patrick Tschudi
from CA$ 1,509 to CA$ 3,009

Curated Selection of Pastel Art


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