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Kate Woodman

Background Information about Kate Woodman


Employing a unique approach, Photographer Kate Woodman emphasizes the diversity of the human personality in Marionette. Full of beauty and surrealist ambiance, the composition evokes an immediate reaction that captivates viewers. The cinematic staging coupled with period costume creates a scene far removed from everyday reality. The protagonist transcends the dimensions of space and time by occupying an array of positions simultaneously. This work of art intricately intertwines existence with the laws of nature, constructing an imaginative game that encourages introspection on behalf of the viewer.

Woodman plans and executes her projects with great attention to detail. The process begins with choosing a location. Woodman’s specialized knowledge of historical preservation allows her to identify and transform unique sites, creating a distinctive final product; This is the foundation for the intense atmosphere present in the artist’s works. The styling of the subjects and arrangement of props round out the preparatory phase - just before Woodman picks up the camera.

Kate Woodman was born into the arts, coming from a long line of creatives. At the time of her birth, both parents were working as opera singers in Darmstadt, Germany. Woodman developed an interest in both painting and drawing early on, before ultimately taking a different path. She graduated with a technical degree - seemingly drifting away from art. However, in 2011, while working in New Zealand, her passion for art was reignited. Woodman began photographing buildings damaged by earthquakes and found herself captivated by the interaction of architecture and its surroundings. From that point on, the camera became her constant companion. Today she prefers working with female protagonists, whom she portrays in striking compositions.

Behind the Art

In her Multiplicity series, Kate Woodman showcases the multiplicity of the human personality – in a locale that seemingly transcends the dimensions of space and time. The protagonist finds herself situated in multiple locations simultaneously, thus embodying art’s ability to defy the laws of nature. Woodman creates an enchanting, cinematic atmosphere that encourages viewer introspection.