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Joerg Maxzin has achieved recourse to Romanticism. The path there leads from digital photography to sculpture. Sculptor Maxzin creates plastic figures, arranges them in a space, and reproduces them with in a conscious blur. He is fascinated by people in their “different aggregate states.” Simple, colorful attributes such as molded umbrellas and Chinese lanterns lend the figures a foothold in space. Maxzin abides by the modern artistic strategy of generating an event or artistic object – with the aim only to generate a picture – and then discarding it.

The only human figures in the image seem as though thrown about, in open-ended contexts in which, as Jean Paul Sartre wrote, one “exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world – and defines himself afterwards.” The figures are not purely schemata; they display enough pose and detail to invite us to reflect upon them. They call on us to go a ways with them, to sit with them, to strike up a conversation with them.

Maxzin’s clear image spaces are hopeful non-places that seem to be incongruous with the estrangement of a hard-edged and technological future. Here we find the longing for a harmonious, complete expression; here the soul can breathe.

Horst Klöver


Joerg Maxzin’s (*1965) training as a wood sculptor before his studies at the Munich Art Academy can absolutely be felt in his photographs. Earth-tone shadows, brought to life in his photographs, develop an almost bodily presence, the border between shadows and people often indefinable in his dense works. As if they were one, cause and effect melt, the rules of physics are overridden.

People turn into patterns, patterns into bodies and bodies into linear entities. Everything flows, floats and swings in a meditative elegance that is assigned another level of meaning through their titles. They are examples of “Erwachen (Awakening)” or “Rückkehr (Return)”, “Bindung (Bonds)” or “Formation” that can also reflect mythology or art history. Thus the “Himmelsboten (Heavenly Messenger)” is joined to the “Hain der Nymphen (The Grove of the Nymphs)”, and “Narziss (Narcissus)” to a new interpretation of Duchamp’s famous “Nude Descending the Stairs.”  Joerg Maxzin makes clear in his unmistakable signature style that he will never let his imagination be confined, and that his art makes a lot of room for an inexhaustible abundance of metaphorical and metaphysical perceptions.

Dr. Boris von Brauchitsch
1965born in Augsburg, Germany
1989Apprenticeship as a woodsculptor in Munich, Germany
1992Final examination
1992-1999Studied at Munich Academy of Fine Arts, Germany
1994-1995Various study travels, Los Angeles, USA
1997Master student of Prof. Cristina Iglesias
19981st state examination for grammar school teachers
1999-2008Lecturer at Augsburg University, Germany
2005Guest lecturer, University of Ulster, Derry, Northern Ireland
Lecturer, Munich Mediadesign Academy, Germany
2006Guest lecturer, Lippe and Höxteer University of Applied Sciences, Germany
2006-2008Lecturer, Voralberg University of Applied Sciences, Austria
since 2008Professor for 3D-Animation, Deggendorf University of Applied Sciences, Germany
lives and works in Augsburg and Deggendorf, Germany

Awards (Selection)

2006Schwäbischer Kunstpreis (Swabian Art Prize)
20051st Place at the "Animago Award 2005"
1st Place "uDay Competition" Dornbirn, Austria
1998Nomination "Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1997 (100 Best Posters of 1997)", Berlin
19971st Prize at the "Jungen Kunstfrühling" Bad Wörishofen
1996Laureate at the small plastics competition at ZDF Mainz
Art Prize of the city of Augsburg
1995Laureate at the small plastics competition at ZDF Mainz
1992Laureate at the Danner-Stiftung competition in Munich

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2008"Grenzenlos", Galeria Cervino, Augsburg, Germany (with Valention Oman and Michai Sârbulescu)
2007"Half Way", Artothek, Gesellschaft für Gegenwartskunst, at H2 Augsburg, Germany
"Ahead", Sparkasse Schwabmünchen Gallery, Germany
2006"Archeus", Kunstraum Schwifting, Germany
"Freiraum" (Free Zone), St. Egidius Church, Nuremberg, Germany (with Prof. Hanns Herpich)
"Fantastic Shade", Galeria Cervino, Augsburg, Germany
2005"Timeline", Haus für Kunst und Kultur, Kloster Roggenburg, Germany
"Screen Memories", Kunstverein Bobingen, Germany
2003"Closeup", Theater Augsburg, Germany
2001"Pompeji", Sparkasse Schwabmünchen, Germany
"Digital Dancers", Theater Augsburg, Germany
2000"Offspring", Ecke Galerie, Augsburg, Germany
1999"La Piazza", Stadtbibliothek Würzburg, Germany
1996"Inner Reflection", Installation at the former State Council of the GDR, Berlin, Germany
"La Piazza", Installation, Augsburg, Germany

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2005"Der Himmel auf Erden?(Heaven on Earth?)", Brandenburg, Germany
2004"Immaculata|Immaculata", Maximilianmuseum Augsburg, Germany
2000"Quo Vadis - Neue Medien in der Kunst (Quo Vadis-New Media in Art)", Augsburg, Germany
1998"Die 100 besten Plakate des Jahres 1997 (100 Best Poster of 1997)", Berlin, Germany
1997"Stadtmenschen (City Folk)", Venlo, Netherlands
"Zeige Deinen Engel (Show Your Angel)", Altötting, Germany
1996"8th Leipzig Photo Fair", Leipzig, Germany
"Kunst und Bürgertum - Hommage á Thomas Mann (Art and Bourgeoisie-Hommage to Thomas Mann)", Augsburg, Germany

Books/Catalogs (Selection)

La Piazza, photo book, Edition Braus, Heidelberg, 1997
Offspring, exhibition catalog, Ecke Galerie Augsburg, 2000
Digital Dancers, exhibition catalog, Theater Augsburg, 2001 
Pompeji, exhibition catalog, Sparkasse Schwabmünchen, 2001 
Cutouts, catalog on the photo series for Theater Augsburg, 2004
Screen Memories, exhibition catalog "Timeline", Kloster Roggenburg, 2005
Virtual Image, catalog on 3D-Projects 2005 to 2007, 2007
Ahead, exhibition catalog, Galerie Sparkasse Schwabmünchen, 2007
Collecting Fine Art Photography, Joerg Maxzin - Umbrellas IV, TeNeues Verlag, Kempen, 2008

Photo International Magazin 6|2008, Joerg Maxzin - Traumbilder, Hess Verlag, Munich, 2008

Miroir de l'Art #15, Joerg Maxzin - Saisir l'essentiel, Éditions Auréoline, France, 2009

Additional Information

Art fairs

2007TIAF Toronto, Canada
Art Fair 21, Cologne, Germany
2006Kunst Zurich 06, Zurich, Switzerland
Art Fair 06, Cologne, Germany
19968. Leipziger Bildermesse, Leipzig, Germany

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