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Hans Gasser, born 1950 in Schwaz in Tirol, Austria, lives in Innsbruck today. He has been interested in photography and its many facets since his youth. Today, it is above all landscape photography that fascinates him. It is particularly the countries marked by desert landscapes that challenge him as a photographer.

To better convey the expanse and beauty of these majestic landscapes he has progressively spent more time with panorama photography. Today he uses the panoramic image not only as a super-wide angle; more and more he sees it as a favorable format that best corresponds to our field of vision. To that end, he consciously takes advantage of the entire spectrum between wide angle and strong telephoto lenses, which creates the unique perspectives of his panoramic scenes.

Gasser’s photographs have been shown in numerous international exhibitions and multi-media lectures. In 2001 he began the collaboration with Mannheim’s EditionPanorama publishing house, who in the same year unveiled his first panoramic calendar project “Sahara” at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Given the first calendar’s success, a new one followed on its heels in the following year. The calendar has been available in two formats since 2006: the Magnum panorama calendar “Sahara” (120 x 48 cm) with the perpetual calendar, as well as the smaller premium calendar “Sahara” in cooperation with the DuMont calendar publishers. 2008 saw the addition of the “To the North” calendar in the premium calendar series.

The first Gasser monograph Sahara was released in 2004 by EditionPanorama-Bibliothek; the photo book Jemen was published in the same series in 2006. A further book, Sahara Panorama, was published in the Panorama Global series in 2007.
2005Horizontalvertical, group show, Kunsthalle Mannheim, Germany
2003ORF-Studio Tirol, calendar presentation, exhibition, AV-presentation, Austria
2002/2003El Mundo, calendar presentation, Judenburg, Austria
2002The Desert Lives, group show, Haus der Natur, Salzburg, Austria
1989-2000Various Exhibitions in and around Tirol, Austria

Awards (Selection)

2005red dot Award
IF Communication Design Award
Prize, Calendar Show, Stuttgart

Books/Catalogs (Selection)

SAHARA, 48 panoramic photographs
JEMEN, 50 panoramic photographs
NORWAY, 50 panoramic photographs
PRAGUE PANORAMA, 50 double-sided panoramic photographs
SAHARA PANORAMA, 50 double-sided panoramic photographs

Essays/Articles (Selection)

MorningCalm - Inflight-Magazine, KOREAN AIR, 03/2006
fotoforum, 04/2003

Additional Information

Panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2002, 100x50 cm
Panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2003, 100x50 cm
Panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2004, 120x48 cm
Panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2005, 120x48 cm
Magnum panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2006, 120x48 cm
Premium panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2006, 85x34 cm
Premium panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2007, 85x34 cm
Magnum panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2008, 120x48 cm
Premium-Panoramakalender, SAHARA 2008, 58x29 cm
Premium panoramic calendar, NACH NORDEN 2008, 58x29 cm
Premium panoramic calendar, SAHARA 2009, 58x29 cm
Premium panoramic calendar, NACH NORDEN 2009, 58x29 cm

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