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Day after day, dozens and dozens of people encounter each other on busy streets without really noticing one another. Fascinated by this form of urban anonymity, Spanish artist Eva Navarro dives into the microcosms of the city, searching out individuality amidst the uniformity.

It is the miniature stories of the passers-by that interest the artist, moments that stand out from the everyday commotion: A father photographing his playful children, two teenagers wolf-whistling at a beautiful woman, two lovebirds strolling down the street hand in hand.

In an almost paparazzi-like manner, Navarro surveys the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, patiently waiting for the perfect moment to snap the shutter. She has collected hundreds of these images in her archives. Of these, she meticulously reinterprets a select few on canvas, where – unlike the photographs – the individuals are presented with undefined expressions, usually against a monochrome, two-dimensional background. This artistic process creates a marked distinction between the final work of art and its source image. Navarro’s subjects appear withdrawn from reality and isolated from the world around them. They seem lost in their own thoughts and entirely introspective, with only their shadows for company.

Eva Navarro’s work offers a critique on the ubiquitous anonymity of modern city life. After studying Fine Art at the Complutense University of Madrid, her art quickly attracted international attention. Her award-winning work represents a new direction in the field of Spanish figurative painting, questioning individuality in the mass culture of the 21st Century.

Sarah Fassio
Studied Art at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Madrid, Spain
Lives and works in Madrid, Spain

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2014Intangible – New Paintings, Soprafina Gallery, Boston, USA
2013Andante, Arte Periférica, Lisbon, Portugal
2013Between the Walls, Alicia Winters Galeria, Arnhem, Netherlands
2012Eva Navarro – Calma, El Quatre, Sala d’Art, Granollers, Spain
2007Eva Navarro, MPG Contemporary, Boston, USA
2007Eva Navarro – Consecuencias, Galeria BAT Alberto Cornejo, Madrid, Spain
2005Eva Navarro – Solar Time, MPG Contemporary, Boston, USA
2002Eva Navarro, Cervantes Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands
2001On the Other Side, Galeria de Arte Molgrabia, Madrid, Spain
2000The Look, Galeria de Arte M+R, Madrid, Spain
1999People, Galeria de Arte Engracia, Madrid, Spain

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2014Winter Exhibition, Alicia Winters Galeria, Arnhem, Netherlands
2010Summer Show, Soprafina Gallery, Boston, USA
200714 Artists, Huan Amiano Gallery, Pamplona, Spain
2006Homenaje a Picasso, Galeria BAT Alberto Cornejo, Madrid, Spain
2004Sin Tiempo, Xanon Gallery, Madrid, Spain

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