Emmanuel Georges
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About the Work

Photographer Emmanuel Georges captures the melancholy beauty of the American hinterland in poetic images that present a different facet of the US than its tourist cities do. Abandoned towns, forgotten industrial buildings and hand-painted signs are depicted as the faded relics of better times. The morbid charm of the failed American dream has already been an inspiration to countless artists. In the first half of the 20th century, for example, Edward Hopper and Walker Evans wrestled with this theme, resulting in pieces that remain fascinating today.

Emmanuel Georges’ images have an aesthetic reminiscent of contemporary masters such as Stephen Shore and Wim Wenders, yet the work has its own impressive visual language. An almost spectral atmosphere fills the air, while the interplay of light and shadow creates an almost cinematic tension, as if these shots were stills from a road movie. These images of small-town USA contain no people, exploring the relationship between civilisation and nature. In the endless expanses of the sparsely populated states between the coasts, the transition seems fluent – a conciliatory thought.

About the Artist

Born in France in 1965, Emmanuel Georges discovered his passion for travel and his fascination for America at a young age. His first series on the USA appeared in 1986 – in black & white. After that, he made expeditions, camera in hand, to Argentina, Cuba, and countless other countries. A narrative tension and a fascination for remote locations off the beaten path are the distinctive features of his oeuvre.


The America rewind series is the product of multiple trips across the United States that took the artist through the country’s most remote regions. Georges approaches the country not as a social critic, but as a nostalgic poet who seeks to portray the raw beauty of American society’s rough edges. The varying lighting conditions are an important element of his atmospheric pieces. Georges still shoots with analogue cameras – the medium perfectly complements these seemingly forgotten sights.

Daniela Kummle
Lives and works in Strasbourg, France

Solo Exhibitions (Selection)

2012America Rewind, CEAAC, Strasbourg, France
2012Emmanuel Georges – Stones, CEAAC, Strasbourg, France
2004Donde esta Dios?, Galerie La Chambre, Strasbourg, France
2002Du Spleen, Galerie La Chambre, Strasbourg, France
1994Portraits Argentins, Centro Cultural Recoleta à Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Group Exhibitions (Selection)

2009Photographes en Alsace, La Filature, Mulhouse, France
2009Photo 2000, La Filature, Mulhouse, France
2007Le festival Strasbourg-Méditerranée, Strasbourg, France
2001Les 10 ans de Chambre à Part, Galerie La Chambre, Strasbourg, France
1996Belle Île, Stimultania, Strasbourg, France

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