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Daniel Marin

  Garden by Daniel Marin
Kitsch Medley
from CA$ 599 to CA$ 1,499
  The King is Dead by Daniel Marin
The King is Dead
Kitsch Medley
from CA$ 899 to CA$ 1,799
  WYWH I by Daniel Marin
Kitsch Medley
from CA$ 599 to CA$ 1,499
  WYWH II by Daniel Marin
Kitsch Medley
from CA$ 599 to CA$ 1,499
  Cycle by Daniel Marin
Kitsch Medley
from CA$ 749 to CA$ 1,599

Background Information about Daniel Marin


Torn-edged aesthetics feature significantly in the works of Miami-based artist Daniel Marin. Much like segments from multi-layered billboards, his paintings consist of superimposed and torn papered layers, which combine to repeatedly evoke unexpected sensory contexts. Image and text meld in audacious, multiple connotations. Marin consciously arranges his works to create the illusion of being directed by chance. The intricacy of visual and linguistic expression is based on an arduous manual process of production. Techniques such as décollage, screen printing and hand-drawn graphics are incorporated into the final work in a complex sequence of steps.

The background is for the most part wood, which is first primed before being worked into elaborate compositional and narrative layers. Paint, templates, comic strips, scraps of newspaper – there are apparently endless materials that can be used. The artist draws inspiration when travelling, often incorporating unusual experiences and life’s lessons into his works. Language games permeate the pictures much like invisible threads. Words and slogans virtually inconspicuously alter their meanings no sooner than a letter becomes barely visible or cut.

Arranged in the form of a diptych, his works resemble a dialogue, a flirtation or love story between two otherwise discrete paintings. Colour and graphics connote opposite sexes. The slogan separated through the middle binds both works and at the same time can be read in multiple fractured senses. The meaning of the whole differs according to how the words are paused or are even only partially written out. Marin plays with our perceptions, taking relish in combining several different pop-cultural visual languages with the authentic flair of the street and the incidental.


Daniel Marin is a self-taught artist who began his artistic journey by emulating comic
illustrators of the 80s and 90s - many of whom he considered role models. He was a quick
study, acquiring extensive knowledge in the field of graphic design and broadening his
artistic horizons. Marin’s constant objective was to blend classical techniques with
contemporary methods. Today he is a sought-after artist, both within the US and beyond,
recognized primarily for his distinctive imagery.


Daniel Marin, born 1982, Florida, USA.
Lives and works in Miami.
The mixed media artist combines a range of traditional and contemporary art making materials ranging from paints to carpentry and décollage, all made up of elements including Pop imagery, street art, graphic design and commercial advertisements to depict colorful and surreal moments in time.


2021Superfine! Art Fair 2020 – Seattle, USA   
20204th Biennial Visual Impressions Juried Show, Ryan James Fine Art (Gallery) – Seattle, USA
Living Artist Collective – ‘Open House Show’ – Seattle, USA
2020Seattle City Light Collection, Seattle Office of Arts & Culture, Seattle, USA
2019Shunpike Storefronts, Seattle, USA
GROSS Magazine // RELISH – Travelling Art Program, Seattle, USA
Artist Trust, Seattle, USA
2018Site:Brooklyn Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Bemis Arts, Seattle, WA
Contemporary Art Gallery Online, 2018 "ALL Paintings" Art Competition – 8th